Welcome to the ACTION Lab. We conduct exploratory research in urban traffic management, provide engineering service and offer product-grade traffic management solutions and software packages to transportation agencies as well as industrial partners. We also perform big data analytics and high-performance computing.
The topics include but are not limited to: advanced urban traffic control systems, including pioneering traffic signal systems modeling, design and prototype, traffic sensor design and prototype and urban traffic analytics. In addition, certain far-future research topics are within our research scope, such as intersection automation. Most of our research outputs reach the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 or higher. Hope you have a wonderful adventure on our research page.
Students are welcomed to join our research group. If you are interested in our research area, please contact us. However, intensive programming is needed in our core research. Future students should at least be proficient in one programming language (e.g., C++, Python, PhP, Javascript, etc). Otherwise, please do not contact us since we cannot work together effectively. Financial aid may be availabe for quarlified students.
        -- Dr. Pengfei Li (Taylor),The PI of ACTION Lab




                     Last update August 11th 2020